Enjoy Fried Foods Without The Guilt!
Less Fat & up to
80% Less Calories.

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Benefits: Air Frying Vs Deep Frying

AIR FRY Fewer added calories than traditional frying adds to food
DEEP FRY Extremely High in Calories

AIR FRY Automatic fuss free cooking, Digital easy one touch panel, Great for novices
DEEP FRY Requires Skill & Experience to Cook Correctly

AIR FRY Rapid Air technology- uses little to no oil. Healthy Cooking. Save on Cost of Cooking Oil
DEEP FRY Expensive Cooking Oil Must Be Replaced

AIR FRY Simple to Use: Add Food + Push Button!
DEEP FRY Complicated Set-Up - Heavy Oil Containers

AIR FRY Easy Clean-Up - Dishwasher Safe - No Oily Mess
DEEP FRY Oil Creates Sloppy Mess – Kitchen Disaster

AIR FRY Versatile: If You Can Put it in the Oven, You Can Air Fry It!
DEEP FRY Not Right for All Foods

AIR FRY No Open Flame - Closed System Will Not Heat Up or Mess Up Your Kitchen
DEEP FRY Stuffy, Oily, Overheated Kitchen

AIR FRY Oil Free, Flameless Cooking, Digital Thermal Control
DEEP FRY Dangerous Risk of Spills & Fires

AIR FRY Closed System – Food Cooks Inside Unit
DEEP FRY Hot Oil May Splatter & Cause Injury

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