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Power AirFryer XL Reviews

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Love the machine so far! Simple to use and clean. Recipe book is great too. Look forward to making more recipes going forward.
Name: Michael Turpin
Date: 2017-01-24
I'm going to review this product as well as the POWER PRESSURE COOKER XL. They are both made by the same company so I've decided to review 2 for 1! I know sometimes reading reviews can be sketchy because some ppl are so anal about things that doesn't really pertain to the product along. But me I've learned how to read through the ones that seem reasonable and decide from there. Anywho. I can def say that I've tried a lot of things from infomercials and I can almost say that I'm usually disappointed. EXCEPT NOW!!!!!!! I'm a stay at home Mom and a very critical cook! I'm very particular about what I cook and how it's prepared. It's one of the gifts that I have for my family so I take great pride in that! BOTH OF THESE PRODUCTS WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN!! The quality is usually a problem for me when buying off of television. Not w the air fryer or pressure cooker. Both will be worth the money. I can't choose a favorite between the two! I use one or the other every day!!!! Cooking time is cut tremendously!! As well as clean up time!!! Which really helps w "FAMILY MANAGEMENT" these products does exactly what you need. I tried not to be too long, but there's so much to say about how wonderful these products are!! Treat yourself and thank me later!
Name: Ciarra Kelly
Date: 2017-01-22
I purchased a Power air fryer a few weeks ago and just love it. Food taste great. It is easy to use and even easier to clean up.. terrific item
Name: G Rivers
Date: 2017-01-22
We laughed at the infomercial with all the yum so tasty and delicious without any dipping sauces but I have to say we loved everything we've made so far and my 12 yr old is using it too!!!
Name: Jody
Date: 2017-01-22
Happy with my airfryer XL , We don't miss the fat and grease.
Name: Pieter Verhoek
Date: 2017-01-22
I absolutely love it. Best product ever. I use it every day. My family says I sound like a commercial for the air fryer once I start bragging about it.
Name: Maria Hulsberg
Date: 2017-01-22
I'm so loving my Power AirFryer. My family loves the food I've been preparing. My meat is juices, and my fries and onion rings are crispy. My AirPower is a keeper.
Name: Cynthia Williams
Date: 2017-01-22
I really like this air fryer. It does everything you advertise. I made steak that melts in you mouth and French fries that are better than McDonald's or anywhere else. I would recommend this item to everyone.
Name: Mildred Seitenbecher
Date: 2017-01-22
We love our air fryer. The first time we used it we over cooked our French fries but it was totally our fault. The second thing we cooked was a breaded pork chop. I have to tell you that was the best pork chop my husband and I had ever had. It was so tender and juicy and the breaded crust was golden brown and Crispy. I cant wit to try other dishes. Great purchase
Name: Jackie Begley
Date: 2017-01-22
I absolutely love my power Air Fryer! I have used it every day since I received it. I am constantly thinking of new foods to cook and crisp in my Air Fryer.
Name: mattie Stanton
Date: 2017-01-21
We've used it once so far and we truly enjoyed using it.
Name: deborah.oates
Date: 2017-01-21
I love It. The one thing that I like about my power airfryer xl is that the food is not greasy. Less fat; less calories and less me.
Name: Pamela Anderson
Date: 2017-01-21
I love it. I have made fries, fried chicken and pot pie. So simple to use...definitely would recommend . It's really great...and looks good on the counter top and clean up is a snap.
Name: Nancy Newman
Date: 2017-01-21
I love it I use it all the time
Name: Benetta Romines
Date: 2017-01-21
Great product
Name: Rick Thomas
Date: 2017-01-21
Biggest breakthrough in cooking since the invention of the microwave. No oil, no frying smell in the house and super easy clean up. Eating fried chicken again for the first time in years. I love it. great for all kinds of foods. Frozen French fries are now an art form! and Reheating is a breeze as well. Food tastes even better. Read other reviews for comments on cooking techniques. You won't be disappointed. I am amazed.
Name: Donna Robinson
Date: 2017-01-21
So far I love it. Easy to use, quick and the food is great. I'm now thinking of getting a second one for my camper.
Name: Tim
Date: 2017-01-21
Amazing! I love that it's so easy to use with little clean up. Chicken breast come out so tender and juicy. Definitely a must have!
Name: Tyler S
Date: 2017-01-21
I love not having to use a lot of oil to fry my food
Name: Linda Morris
Date: 2017-01-20
to me is the best acquisition that i have,i enjoy all fryers without grease,im very happy with product
Name: gladys perez
Date: 2017-01-20
Our first meal was shrimp and french-fries. I used the checkers flavored fries and frozen shrimp. Loved the results. Takes getting used to not having the oil flavor but that's alright. Will definitely recommend the Air Fryer to family and friends.
Name: Lorraine Hemmings
Date: 2017-01-19
I have used it to make chicken. I invited 6 people to try it . it was a GREAT HIT! Im sure i sold 2 of the small fryers and one large one!! Yippie
Name: Letitia Pollock
Date: 2017-01-19
Works great we've done French fries, wings, chicken & fish. Easy to operate and easy clean up.
Name: Rhonda Bossard
Date: 2017-01-19
I love this machine. It so easy. Everything I have cooked so far has been delicious. Just wished I had more recipes using it. Like frying vegetables exp.okra, squash.
Name: Florence brittingham
Date: 2017-01-19
Works real well
Name: Dan Werlinger
Date: 2017-01-19
Chicken, Mozzarella logs and tator tots turned out awesome. We were able to get rid of 4 different kitchen gadgets that this replaced.
Name: Bob Boehm
Date: 2017-01-19
Date: 2017-01-19
Amazing!!! I have used it everyday for the last week I have owned it.. my son and husband both have enjoyed the airfryer best kitchen tool since the fork!!!
Name: Yvette eide
Date: 2017-01-19
Loving my large 5.3 quart Power XL Air Fryer. Use it two to three times a day and make anything and everything in it. No longer use my stove to cook, because almost anything that can be done in the oven comes out better in my Power XL. Used it last night to fix a beautiful Rib Eye steak, and a stuffed, twice baked potato, and they were just awesome. Highly recommend this product.
Name: Anne Rodkin
Date: 2017-01-19
I love my AirFryer XL I use it for everything. It makes everything so crunchy which makes eating enjoyable and satisfying. I noticed I eat less when I cook in the AirFryer and I honestly believe it is because the food is satisfying and comforting.
Name: Violet Sanchez
Date: 2017-01-19
I love my air fryer I just wish I would have got the bigger one
Name: starr silvis
Date: 2017-01-19
LOVE IT-LOVE IT-LOVE IT ordering another one!!
Name: Geraldina Muzik
Date: 2017-01-19
Awesome way to cook. Love it!!
Name: Jasbir
Date: 2017-01-19
The Power AirFryer XL is absolutely wonderful. French Fries came out perfect, pork chops were tender and moist and the fried chicken was crispy, not dried out. All of these dishes were done without grease or the messy clean up. Best purchase ever!!!
Name: Bridget
Date: 2017-01-19
Love the fried chicken! I can't eat fried foods....so this is wonderful ! It is really easy to clean and maintain. The extra cookbook is wonderful !
Name: Mary
Date: 2017-01-18
The air fryer is great, I wish I would have ordered the baking pans.
Name: Marilyn
Date: 2017-01-18
I haven't had it long but when I did use it I was surprised at the juice that the pork chops had . I was expecting them to be dry I like it and will be using it more now.
Name: Brenda McClure
Date: 2017-01-18
This is the most amazing product I have ever purchased. I use it for everything.
Name: Michael malloy
Date: 2017-01-18
I love the AirFryer! So far, I've made steaks , pork chops, shrimp, FF and roasted potatoes. I really enjoy my French Fries so I was amazed at how crispy they were. I'm looking forward to trying fried chicken. I would recommend this fryer to everyone.
Name: Debbie Larson
Date: 2017-01-18
love it so far. I am a Weight watcher girl and love not having all that grease .. glad I bought it.
Name: toni
Date: 2017-01-18
So far so good haven't cooked to much on it but it cooks fast food was good ,had burgers and chicken so far looing to do something this weekend very good machine
Name: Ervin Mars
Date: 2017-01-18
Amazing and meals are delicious with less calories and healthy.
Name: edgal Iribhogbe
Date: 2017-01-18
Date: 2017-01-18
works great
Date: 2017-01-18
This works better than the Nu Wave Oven. Love it!
Name: Cecilia B Mendez
Date: 2017-01-18
I used Power Air Fryer XL the last time. I love it. I like it. Thanks so much.
Name: Thu Van Nguyen
Date: 2017-01-18
I love my power air dryer, it's best investment I've made in long time .should have purchased it when I first saw it, but glad I finally got it
Name: Carol young
Date: 2017-01-18
The AirFryer surpassed my expectations. :)
Name: Laura Conway
Date: 2017-01-18
I love this air fryer. It has made cooking so easy and fun. I have tried a couple of the recipes and they have come out excellent. Now i am happy to cook as my husband said.
Name: Kat Ching
Date: 2017-01-18
Love it we use it every other day no left over oil to deal with.
Name: Charmaine MIntyre
Date: 2017-01-18
I've been using this product since I ordered it Christmas Day. I use in my machine shop office for Lunch & dinner on the days I work late.. It has to be the best product on the market for sure!.. Healthy & clean up is a breeze... Thanks!!
Name: Skylor collins
Date: 2017-01-18
When I first received my Airfryer I was leaving for vacation and didn't have an opportunity to use it. I just returned and I have found it to be the best thing ever. It's convenient, cost efficient on cooking oil, allows for tastee products and prevents me from using my fry daddy .
Name: Sylvia Epkins
Date: 2017-01-18
We really like it, great value for and better food for you.
Name: Rita A. Vaughn
Date: 2017-01-18
I watched the infomercial 3x and was really excited to purchase the Power AirFryer. Used it the first time tonight and cooked a pork roast in 25 minutes. It was browned to perfection and juicy. My husband thought it was great. Really anxious to try other dinner entrees! A real time saver for working people and much healthier.
Name: Tammy Bolyard
Date: 2017-01-18
I love it! I absolutely cannot imagine not having the power air fryer in my kitchen. It is awesome. All of the food is so good! I have been working through the cookbook. Thank you for a great product!
Name: Carol pupilli
Date: 2017-01-17
I love my air fryer wings fries and even hamburgers are GREAT!!!
Name: Sandy
Date: 2017-01-17
This product really surprised me, it works great.
Name: Terrance Neugebauer
Date: 2017-01-17
I just love the Power AirFryer XL.I use it for everything from chicken wings to steaks. The best purchase I've made.
Name: Sharon
Date: 2017-01-17
I absolutely LOVE this power fryer. I've made everything from french frys to chicken wings and I intend making a blooming Onion next.
Name: Phyllis Corbett
Date: 2017-01-17
I have used mine twice. Made homemade French fries and sprayed with oil, will shake in bag next time with tablespoon of oil, spray to dry.. Also made 4 thick cut approx. 2 " thick... Were excellent, best I have ever made them.. Browned nicely, cooked through good, juicy not dry.. Love it..
Name: Marge Tuel
Date: 2017-01-17
I love the AirFryer. With the AirFryer my family can enjoy all the fried foods we love without all the grease/oil! It is going to be one of the most used appliances I own!
Name: Janet
Date: 2017-01-17
I love the air fry XL! I made wings & they were crispy and very good . I've made, fries, onion rings, fish , tator tots & steak and was very pleased with all of it.
Name: Denise
Date: 2017-01-17
Great fried chicken !!
Name: Mary
Date: 2017-01-17
We love it !!!!! We made the best ever fried chicken with NO OIL Can't wait to use it again. I brought the extra chicken to work for some employees and they also loved it
Name: Alfredo Lopes
Date: 2017-01-17
This is a fantastic piece of equipment. Thanks
Name: Patricia P Brown
Date: 2017-01-17
so far I'm very pleased.made pizza and baked chix. finally got moist chix. crispy on the outside ,moist on the inside.awesome.
Name: vincent a patterson
Date: 2017-01-16
Once I tried it several times, and had the process mastered, I love it. Food comes out juicy and very tasty.
Name: Stephanie
Date: 2017-01-16
The first step in eating more healthier with none of the greasy food we ate in the past. One of the best purchases we have ever made. Meals so quick and cooked just right in the fraction of the time . So easy to clean up. Wonderful addition to our house hold.
Name: Charles & Sheila
Date: 2017-01-14
Easy to use and foods cook beautifully and taste great.
Name: Nancy Fuller
Date: 2017-01-14
great product Thank you.
Name: Patricio Martinez
Date: 2017-01-13
It works perfectly as advertised. For french fries, definitely use prepared, frozen ones -- it's the easiest, fastest, most satisfying way to enjoy them.
Name: Larry Mott
Date: 2017-01-13
I really like the power air Fryer and have even tried a recipe for fried perch that I created on my own. So far everything i have made, from sweet potato fries and fried chicken drumsticks has turned out great. I do recommend that you cook for about 1/2 the time recommended then turn everything, and also that thick pieces of meat take a little longer than recommended. Overall very satisfied, and the clean up is fantastically easy!
Name: Debbied Hart
Date: 2017-01-13
I love my airfryer πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½
Name: Yolandra
Date: 2017-01-12
I love it we use it a lot my family loves the fried chicken out of it.
Name: Susan Daley
Date: 2017-01-12
Love,love,love using the Power air fryer !!
Name: Mary J Stelter
Date: 2017-01-12
Love it!
Name: Lola Fellinger
Date: 2017-01-12
I like my AirFryer alot. The food comes out quick and amazing. Clean up is easy.
Date: 2017-01-12
The air fryer is excellent! It is so convenient and easy to use. For people who do not like the splatter of frying - this is for you! Clean up of the baskets are easy as well! The best part is the healthy aspect of cooking and enjoying fried food! I have placed ribs in the oven for 2 hours at 350 then placed the ribs in the air fryer! The meat is so tender and the outside is crispy!! My family loves it.
Name: LM
Date: 2017-01-12
Kudos for this product!! Well worth what I paid for it. I took a chance that it was as good as advertised and it definitely is. My husband is diabetic and needs to lose some weight as well as the rest of us and he can still be happy with crispy chicken and his steak fries without the guilt that it's got the added fats. I just want to know if you sell the small pan that you can make cakes and other juicy type foods. I have the large 5.3 quart fryer. I want to make other things like roasts.
Name: Laura Hennessey
Date: 2017-01-12
Used it the night i got it. Loved how easy it was to use and how good it makes food taste
Name: James Baker
Date: 2017-01-12
Easy to use, less cleanup, didn't heat up the kitchen, no left over oil to deal with, food tasted fantastic! Very impressed!
Name: David Herberger
Date: 2017-01-12
Still getting used to a new way of cooking. So far works great. Makes excellent fries even without blanching first.
Name: Chuck Bolton
Date: 2017-01-11
Allow me to state how refreshing it is to purchase a product that exceeds it's claims...my husband likes fried food & I do not, our airfryer allows for enjoyable meals again TOGETHER-to say that I'm pleased is an understatement! 😍
Name: Jeanette Moore-Owens
Date: 2017-01-11
I'm very happy with the Power AirFryer XL
Name: Tyrone
Date: 2017-01-11
Used 1st time this evening, followed directions for Stromboli,turned out great. Clean up a breeze.
Name: Joann Hack
Date: 2017-01-11
I love the AirFyer. I have cooked many things and every time it comes out crisp and no oily taste. My favorite are the fries. So glad I bought it.
Name: Dorothy
Date: 2017-01-11
Love it!!!
Name: Ralph Escalera
Date: 2017-01-11
Still getting used to it. Love the fries. I haven't tried new things. But Love the AirFryer XL. Made carrots like the potatoes. I would tell others to buy it.
Name: Lois C. Graf
Date: 2017-01-11
I have only used this one time once you learn to regulate the cooking time it worked very well. You have to time it to how well done you want your food.my boys loved the wings
Name: Sue
Date: 2017-01-11
I love my air fryer, I was most anxious to try French fries so that was my first choice, awesome, can't wait to try the fried chicken.
Name: Cheryl
Date: 2017-01-11
My husband and I live in Altoona PA he uses it more than me it was his christmas present he loves it.
Name: Nicole Delozier
Date: 2017-01-11
One of the best purchases I have ever made. Meals so quick and cooked just right in the fraction of the time and it's better for you with out all the grease. So easy to clean up. Wonderful adition to my house hold.
Name: Ben Wingstrom
Date: 2017-01-11
Wonderfully Easy ! EasyCleanup And Great Healthy Food !
Name: joe
Date: 2017-01-11
Absolutely love it. Still have so many things to try, but so far I have 3 friends who have also purchased.
Name: Dennis Knapp
Date: 2017-01-11
I really love the Power AirFryer, wish that there was more recipes that comes with it. The chicken wings are the bomb
Name: George Lundy
Date: 2017-01-11
Loving it, food taste delicious, no greasy tastes, full flavors. Cooking actually takes less than recommended time to cook well.
Name: El Cid
Date: 2017-01-11
Great product. Food really good. Very surprising!! Trying different things not in recipe book!!
Name: Connie Cook
Date: 2017-01-11
I think I love the power air fryer its cooks hole lot faster I make lots recipes each day my mom in joy the power air fryer
Date: 2017-01-11
Very happy with the product. The clean up is easy and the food cooks fast. Again, very content.
Name: Tony Rosario
Date: 2017-01-11
WOW!!! This is the most amazing kitchen product that I have ever used. It is so "user friendly". So easy to use. Don't have to be a rocket scientist to operate. Produces the best cooked food ever, and in such a short time. Food is not dried out or overcooked is instructions are followed. Very versatile. Does not heat up my kitchen like my conventional oven does. Virtually no clean up and what there is...is so easy. Makes meal prep a snap. Can't thank you enough. jm
Name: J. Marion
Date: 2017-01-11
Love my airfryer. No oil to buy.
Name: Bonnie
Date: 2017-01-11
This thing is AMAZING! It fries anything and everything like magic! Everything tastes delicious and it's so EASY and QUICK. I LOVE it!!
Name: Leah Blakely
Date: 2017-01-11
I absolutely love the fryer and it gets my husband in the kitchen and he loves it!!
Name: Angelette mcclelland
Date: 2017-01-11
Absolutely love the Airfryer. Loved it so much that relatives visiting for Christmas went home and purchased there own. Very impressed no need for little or no oil for frying crispy foods.
Name: Carla Robbins
Date: 2017-01-11
I do not know how I got along without this unit for sooo long. Made my gurst ribeye stake in it last night and it came out perfect. Love it
Name: Tommy dillard
Date: 2017-01-11
Hi my name is Dallas, I seen the commercial on TV bout the airfryer n though it was awesome. I got the airfryer n been using it I love it . It's real easy to use no grease no worries
Name: Dallas Nation
Date: 2017-01-11
Great fryer.. Have been using it non stop since buying it.. Food has been delicious....
Name: Stephen Bowden
Date: 2017-01-10
I love my Air Fryer XL I am glad that I decided to buy it, I find myself using it more all the time. I would recomend it highly.
Name: Connie
Date: 2017-01-10
We love this fryer! Recommend it to all who love fried foods but not the mess and the clean up.
Name: Patricia Schrum
Date: 2017-01-10
Love it sooo much!! I'm still new at it but am getting better. It makes cooking for my family of 6 much easier!
Name: Ramona Corey
Date: 2017-01-10
I love my airfryer.... I have made fried chicken, fish, french fries and pizza. I just spray with olive oil and everything taste great.... I I also like that it cooks in less time and cleans up is easy.
Name: Cathy LaMarre
Date: 2017-01-10
I have used the unit almost everyday since I received it. Unit is easy to clean and use. Had to tweak some timing on meat and potatoes. Great unit, very pleased.
Name: Harvey Edwards
Date: 2017-01-10
I love it so much Have become very creative with recipes I'm always thinking of new things to make My friends call me the Air Fryer Queen and must say very proud of my title
Name: Linda McCoy
Date: 2017-01-10
I love this product. Perfect machine when looking to have a healthier life style and losing weight.
Name: adrian c
Date: 2017-01-09
The only thing I have made so far is french fries and they were wonderful and fast ! I just ordered a cook book for my Fryer and can not wait to make more items:)
Name: Debbie Lotz
Date: 2017-01-07
The Power AirFryer XL lives up to its claims. It makes the best oil-free fried foods ever. Thank you!
Name: William Perry
Date: 2017-01-06
Once you get used to how long things really take to cook it is amazing. We air fry so many different things in it in fact the other day we made fresh fish and it came out outstanding!!
Name: Liz Podein
Date: 2017-01-06
This is the best air fryer I ever saw n cooks like a dream. It isnt bulky n clean up is a snap.. I reccomend this to anyone thinking about buying one.
Name: William Malin
Date: 2017-01-06
Great fryer,made a couple blooming onions and man what a difference in the taste of the food.Chicken nuggets awesome.
Name: Michael Crispens
Date: 2017-01-06
I am very pleased with my Powerairfryer and l will recommend this product to all of my friends.
Name: Mark Anderson
Date: 2017-01-05
Love this thing! Gave myself one for Christmas and now I think the wife forgot what we have a stove.
Name: William Flynn
Date: 2017-01-05
We LOVE it!!!
Name: Sandra Rodriguez
Date: 2017-01-04
It was a gift for our D.I.L for Xmas. She is making wonderful things with it. And we enjoy her creations.
Name: Peter M.
Date: 2017-01-04
The Power AirFryer XL is the best small appliance I've ever used. I bought it for my wife for Christmas and she is so protective of it, she barely lets me use it. She doesn't eat fried foods, so this is God's Gift to her. It's absolutely WONDERFUL! The best thing ever. We love it.
Date: 2017-01-04
My family love it since I received, I got one for my daughter and she is enjoying it too. It's quick & perfect. I been trying new things with air fryer. Name: Leela Nayak Date: 12-26-2016
Name: Leela Nayak
Date: 2017-01-04
Great machine, it does do what they say
Name: Basil Smith
Date: 2017-01-03
This is the greatest time saver I have ever bought. I love the way food comes out and I know I am eating healthy.
Name: Laurie McKinnon
Date: 2017-01-03
This is really awesome! Thanks for making our lives healthy again!!
Name: Richard Smith Jr
Date: 2017-01-03
I have only cooked pork chops so far and they turned out perfect
Name: Denise Mcdonald
Date: 2017-01-03
I love it. And I gave it to my sister for her birthday
Name: James Chatman
Date: 2017-01-03
We love our Air Fryer my wife and I have cooked mostly meats, they come out moist, juicy and look like they were done on a grill. We will be cooking ther items in it soon.
Name: daniel helman
Date: 2017-01-03
We love it most of our meal are cooked in the fryer
Name: Bonnie Dunn
Date: 2017-01-03
Love the Power AirFryer XL!! It fries everything I have tried in the fryer beautifully. And faster than any other method. Quality is far superior to any of the other brands I looked at in one of our Dept. stores. I purchased one for a friend for Christmas after I tried mine out. She loves hers as well!! I highly recommend to anyone and also recommend rewatching the infomercial. Ideas are endless with this machine!
Name: Barbara Peterson
Date: 2017-01-03
We are still getting used to having this marvel in the kitchen. As long as we don't over-load it it works like a charm. User problem, as I see it! But when using it correctly--meaning following instructions--it has more than met our expectations. Bravo on a fantastic product!
Date: 2017-01-03
We made fish and shrimp so far and liked it! Love the cleanup!!
Name: Kimberly Plaine
Date: 2017-01-03
wow it is amazing my family loves it, especially our daughter who is very health conscious. Wow.
Name: Pat Thompson
Date: 2017-01-03
Thank you, we are enjoying each meal that we prepare. a real learning experience. The short time to prepare a meal really helps with busy schedules.
Name: Jimmy Moss
Date: 2017-01-02
I got my 5.3 quart airfryer for Christmas. it makes frozen chicken crispy and nice and moist in just 15 minutes. and French fries as well. an airfryer is the way to go
Name: matthew wright
Date: 2017-01-02
Tried it yesterday for the first time. We fried chicken wings and they were excellent. Tender and juicy. Can't wait to try other foods.
Name: Jim
Date: 2017-01-01
Love it Son can't have anything fried because of the grease He uses it a lot Am going to try some of the recipes that go goes with the air fryer thank you
Name: Colleen
Date: 2016-12-31
I used the Power AirFryer XL for the first time and my husband and I were very pleased with the outcome. We did chicken and fries and both were outstanding. We liked it so well we are using it again tonight for our dinner.
Name: Linda Anderson
Date: 2016-12-30
Best product ever! Our favorite fried food comes out perfectly cooked, tastes great, and is truly healthier! The first thing we made was a T-bone steak, which isn't a fried food, but it was the best steak ever. Fried chicken and wings are so wonderful and crispy we make it a lot now because their is no oil involved!We love our Power Air Fryer XL so much that my husband and I actually argue over who's going to cook! Clean up is a breeze and only takes seconds!
Name: Gina Rains
Date: 2016-12-30
Love fried foods but too messy to make on the stove and too much grease, not healthy. All the food I "fry" in my air fryer comes out great, especially fried chicken and catfish. Love it!
Name: Allen Paul
Date: 2016-12-30
We love it. The Power AirFryer is our go-to appliance. Sure sometimes we need to use the traditional appliance but most of the time its just my wife and I at home so this unit more than does the job. Its easy to cook with and easy to clean. Not to mention the food is actually tastier and much healthier. Thank you Power AirFryer
Name: Emad Saleh
Date: 2016-12-30
Outstanding so far. Makes great French frys.
Name: Susan Nichols
Date: 2016-12-29
Great gadget. love it.
Name: winstone nisbet
Date: 2016-12-28
Great product
Name: Eileen Hollingsworth
Date: 2016-12-27
An awesome product! I never write reviews but this is definitely a product I needed to write about. I have tried chicken drumsticks, ribs, and empanadas all came out delicious. I have raved about the product to family & friends. I'm looking forward to trying out more recipes from the book. I definitely recommend to follow the cooking time behind the manual. You may need to alter it depending how much you put in the basket. I purchased the one that feeds 4-6 ppl. I luv this product, it's a time saver I'm able to prepare other stuff while my meat is cooking. Money well spent!! Thank u!!!
Name: Letty
Date: 2016-12-27
We love it! A product that actually does what it says it will! We made fried chicken and it was superb- crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. I did a ribeye steak using the recipe that came with the airfryer (except I used extra garlic) and it was absolutely restaurant steak house quality! Looking forward to making many more recipes.
Name: Dr. Robert Grechesky
Date: 2016-12-27
I love it!
Name: Irene Pappas
Date: 2016-12-25
WE have had terrific results. Cooked our frozen french fries crispy in 15 minutes. Chicken and shrimp recipes both turned out great....
Name: steve smith
Date: 2016-12-25
Am enjoying my power air fryer very much
Name: Luanna harshbarger
Date: 2016-12-24
Easy to use! Easy to clean up! Looks great as an appliance. I would recommend this to anyone that needs to cook quickly and efficiently!
Name: Don
Date: 2016-12-24
love this cooker, my sister wants one!
Name: Bob Ashbrook
Date: 2016-12-24
My hubby got this for my birthday. I think bought it mostly for him, since he loves to eat! It works very well for everything I have tried so far: roasted brussel sprouts, taquitos, egg rolls, hash brown patties, potato fries. excellent.
Name: Bethany Cervantes
Date: 2016-12-24
Love this! Cooks so fast, and easy clean up. Love that we don't have to use oil to fry. Great product, highly recommend.
Name: Wella
Date: 2016-12-22
I love my air fryer best kitchen appliance i have would and will buy again! Getting my whole family ones!
Name: Lynette Sell
Date: 2016-12-21
Date: 2016-12-21
I love the Air Fryer
Date: 2016-12-20
so far I really like it what I have cook with it .
Name: ED
Date: 2016-12-20
We love our Power AirFryer, it does such an excellent job with or without oil, it even works well on sweet potato. Had to add more time for larger amounts of potatoes. We have been promoting it to all my friends especially my vegan friends.
Name: Jeff
Date: 2016-12-20
I bought this item yesterday. I made the French fries first and next I will be making the empanadas. Looking forward to trying yams too. So happy I will be able to eat this without worrying about the high calories. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you.
Name: Sonia Smith
Date: 2016-12-19
Love my power air Was amazed at how crisp my fries and chicken cooked.
Name: Maria Guillen
Date: 2016-12-18
The Power Air Fryer is one of the BEST investments we've ever made. It cooks at almost microwave speed, but with a beautiful texture of fried. We use it almost every day & I'm down 30lbs!!! LOVE IT!!!
Name: Minerva Ortiz
Date: 2016-12-18
Great product. Never made chicken wings until I got my Power AirFryer XL! Love it and tastes great!
Name: Michael
Date: 2016-12-17
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, WHERE HAS IT BEEN ALL MY LIFE!!!! I hate frying food, but I miss the taste. Now fried foods taste even better. Thank you, internally grateful!!!!!!
Name: Carmen Flores
Date: 2016-12-16
From day one I have loved my new Air Fryer XL 5.3L unit. It takes some time getting the times and temps down, but after that it works great. No oil needed. And everything comes out with a crunchy outside and a moist inside. I made a whole 5lb chicken in less than a hour that was so delicious that we ate the whole thing in one sitting between two of us. For the price and healthier cooking, I have to give this a 5 star rating.
Name: William Madely
Date: 2016-12-15
I love it. It makes the best fries. I have not tried anything else as of yet.
Name: Pat Johnston
Date: 2016-12-14
It works great and I am very glad I bought it. Thank you.
Name: Henry Hughes II
Date: 2016-12-13
Does a great job Wonderful product
Name: Brenda Linkerhof
Date: 2016-12-13
So far so good. Chicken, stake, pork chops fries, both potato and sweet potato, have been excellent.
Name: Ronald Alu
Date: 2016-12-11
Date: 2016-12-11
I love ❀️ my Air Fryer ! It is easy to use , easy clean up & most of all it makes the most delicious food I have ever had Would not give it up for nothing ‼️ Thank You Very Much . 😊
Name: Debbie McLean
Date: 2016-12-10
I love my new Power AirFryer. It does what commercial said it would do, delivers grease free air fried food quickly and effortlessly with easy clean up. Recommend it highly to those who miss the crunch of fried food but not the greasy aftermath within and without. Do yourself and your family a favor. Buy this machine.
Name: Jimbeau Hinson
Date: 2016-12-09
French fries awesome and crispy not greasy better than take out or restaurant fried chicken crispy and delish made apple pie so easy delicious husband loved it that's all I made so far
Name: Lisa
Date: 2016-12-09
I love it I don't have words it is wonderful
Name: Margarita rodriguez
Date: 2016-12-09
I love my Air Fryer. It works wonders, I use it for almost everything. Glad I got it. My friends tell me I should be a spoke person for the Air Fryer.
Name: Debi Manoochehri
Date: 2016-12-08
I really like my AirFryer, it works well and food tastes great.
Name: Judith Williams
Date: 2016-12-08
Excellent product works like a charm. I absolutely love it
Name: Stu Nemkowitz
Date: 2016-12-07
Loven this, was buying those chicken wings from{ Wing Stop} now am preparing them at home with my Air Fryer how easy does it get because they taste better been telling friends and family they will not regret buying this
Name: Enid J Jackson
Date: 2016-12-07
I have only used it twice so far. I really like it. Had great fried chicken tonight.
Name: Margaret Saredy
Date: 2016-12-06
It was one of the best investments we made love it
Name: Cheryl Roberts
Date: 2016-12-06
I'm enjoying my powerairfryer, very much. Still trying to learn how to cook different dishes.
Name: Barbara H. Paige
Date: 2016-12-06
Great product, this is my 2nd one for a friend for Christmas I use mine 3, 4 times a week
Name: Brad toth
Date: 2016-12-06
Considering there's so many videos online about this thing I was excited to get mine! I received my power airfeyer a week before the expected date and I fell in love with it! It's great for cooking basically anything that's frozen. It is especially great for reheating food, anything you want crispy and crunchy! Like hot sandwiches! It does take a little longer than the microwave but it's well worth it to make leftovers seem as if they were just made! I am still experimenting with my airfryer and I look forward to the scrumptious foods I will devour and you should too!
Name: Sofia V. G.
Date: 2016-12-06
I live in a senior living community I don't care for the food here so I purchased the air fryer so I could cook in my apartment. I am going to start soon. It sounds like it is going to be very good. I also ordered the book of recipes. I am looking forward to using it.
Name: Mary Frances Abell
Date: 2016-12-06
Fried Chicken was delicous. French fries too. love th Power AirFryer XL. Thanks.
Name: Margaret Wessing
Date: 2016-12-06
We are enjoying our Power Airfryer.
Name: Freda
Date: 2016-12-06
I love my fryer.All my friends are impressed with it..
Name: Mattie Guilory
Date: 2016-12-06
Loving it!!! Loving it!! will never ever fry again..OMG Loving it!! frozen food, fresh food, everything comes out great. I've invited family over to try it out and got very good reviews.
Name: Barbara Chandler
Date: 2016-12-06
Makes great food. Everything I've tried so far has come out good. Very easy clean-up.
Name: Rosemarie
Date: 2016-12-06
This is an incredible machine. Love, love the food that I prepare in it. Moist, tender, amazingly delicious.
Name: Susan Kimbrell
Date: 2016-12-05
One of the best purchases I have made is the Power Airfryer. So far I have cooked turkey breast which came out great, fresh french fries both sweet & regular. Sandwiches, and I love to cook just plain toast in it. Comes out crisp just like oven toast! I found out you have to adjust temperature & cooking times. Easy to use! Great product. Will make a great Christmas gift for some family members.
Name: Wanda Ellis
Date: 2016-12-04
Most amazing appliance! May burn it out by Christmas--loving it soo much!!hahaha Just wish to have cookbooks with more recipes.
Name: Dossie Pearl Collins
Date: 2016-12-03
Love this thing!!! Great fried food texture and flavor without deep fried oil!! Really enjoying the appliance!!!
Name: T. Bryant
Date: 2016-12-03
Bought a 3.4 black fryer and love it but is to small so sold it to my son and bought a 5.4 red one and just arrived today. Am anxious to find more recipe's to learn to cook more things. Really like it so far. thanks
Name: Liz Troxell
Date: 2016-12-01
Excellent product. The food is delicious and tastee. No more frying with oil. Thank you!!!!
Name: Maria Marin
Date: 2016-12-01
I love my airfryer but looking for information on how to cook cake mixes with it
Name: ladell bradley
Date: 2016-12-01
I love it, love it, love it. Almost as much as my Power Pressure Cooker. I love making garlic knots, wings, french fries and empanadas in it. Yummy. The tater tot roll ups were also a big hit.
Name: Susan Kimbrell
Date: 2016-12-01
I love how fast it is. Food is like freshly fried or baked but quicker and healthier. I use it almost daily. Worth the investment
Name: Donnabelle Taylor
Date: 2016-12-01
Promoting the Power XL highly to all my friends/family. I bought the 3 qt and following week the 5qt. Put your own twist on spices and it rocks out the food. I have roasted nuts, baked brownies and lots and lots of veggies along with wonderful steak..
Name: Gloria J Taylor
Date: 2016-11-30
We are loving the airfryer. We got the smaller of the two, but there are just 2 of us. Making garlic knots, crescent rolls, frozen foods, flautas, chicken. Spray with olive oil like pam helps brown. Have yet to make good French fries from fresh potatoes, but frozen come out great. Big advantage is how much quicker it cooks and clean up has always been a breeze.
Name: Elizabeth
Date: 2016-11-29
Wonderful product
Name: Sheila lamphier
Date: 2016-11-29
I love it and have used it since I received it. Works great, but you have to check on it as it cooks faster than you normally do it in the oven or on the stovetop!
Name: Denise Lafleur
Date: 2016-11-29
I've used my cooker now at least 5 times on different foods and I LOVE IT! It cooked the best pork toast I've ever had last night! I will say that the recipe for fried chicken using Panko was a little dry but I've found that without battering it crisps up really well.
Name: Debbie
Date: 2016-11-29
I love, love, love my AirFryer XL. I have now for about 2 to 3 months and have roasted whole chickens, fried chicken parts, pork chops, sausage, frozen veggies, and just recently French fries and all have turned out wonderfully. So glad a took a leap of faith and made this purchase.
Name: Angela M
Date: 2016-11-27
I received my air fryer finally after the first one was lost. It works great and better than expected, the only issue I am having is with the tongs that come with it, they work great but when I put them in the dishwasher the rivet that holds the ends on rust. other than that I love it.
Name: Brian J Koch
Date: 2016-11-27
Really like the AirFryer. Have fried assorted type of chicken, pork and beef. Also french fries, Tater Tots and Onion Rings. Taste has been great and calories contained.
Name: Francis Henderson
Date: 2016-11-26
purchased the xl 5.3 gt large unit 112516....i can tell u this product not only works as advertised....it over performs beyond our expectations and is a clear winner....fusion life brands from trristar knocked it out of the park with this 1. I absolutely 100% without exception recommend this product.
Name: craig s sisca
Date: 2016-11-26
Great machine cooks great p
Name: alfred difranco
Date: 2016-11-21
I use it everyday, so easy to clean. Food tastes great. this is a great product
Name: frank
Date: 2016-11-18
I purchased this product about a month ago. This is one of the best products I ever purchased. Everything I've made in my airfryer has been great. I don't use oil and even chicken is crispy and cooked to perfection in half the time. I love making frozen appetizers, they come out great and so fast. Cleaning the airfryer is so easy because nothing sticks to it. Can't say enough about how happy I am with this product.
Name: Deanna
Date: 2016-11-17
I love it! We all love it !, being gluten sensitive , I can have fried chicken without the oil or the wheat flour for browning
Name: Grace Shelton
Date: 2016-11-17
I love it and it makes very good food. Like they say any thing you fix in the oven you can fix in it.
Name: Ruth Ann Barrett
Date: 2016-11-17
I love my air fryer
Name: Susan Hepstall
Date: 2016-11-17
great product, everything comes out fried without oil
Name: myrareed
Date: 2016-11-17
For the short time I have had the Power AirFryer I really do like it. It is really great for fixing chicken fast! Haven't tried anything else as I haven't had the time.
Name: Norma Gurss
Date: 2016-11-16
Great product. Thinking about getting another one . The upgrade. Love this product. Thanks so much.
Name: Virginia ONeal
Date: 2016-11-16
Though I have only had the AirFryer XL for a short time I am in love with it. It does everything you promised it would.
Name: David Copenheaver
Date: 2016-11-16
I really have enjoyed my AirFryer. It is convenient and it does give the appearance and taste of being fried.
Name: Debra C Lovett
Date: 2016-11-15
I love it.
Name: Virginia I. Nixon
Date: 2016-11-15
There is definitely a learning curve and we have difficulty getting the basket inserted. We have had great results with chicken wings and french fries so far. Made apple turnovers that were great!
Name: Pat Alpaugh
Date: 2016-11-15
Fantastic! No kitchen should be without it. Chicken wings are fabulous. It is the best new way of cooking I have ever experienced.
Name: David McNeel
Date: 2016-11-13
I absolutely love love it. Tell everyone about it
Name: Helen Miller
Date: 2016-11-12
I love y air fryer. Cooking without oil is tastier !! I'm still finding all the uses of it but it has displaced my toaster over on my counter !
Name: Ed
Date: 2016-11-12
Verrrry pleased with the product. Easy to use and easier to clean up!
Name: londa eklund
Date: 2016-11-11
I really like the Power AirFryer. I just did a chuck roast in it and it turned out great... I use it just about every day. I just bought another one for my son for Christmas.
Date: 2016-11-11
working good good chicken wings and shrimp
Name: arthur woffinden
Date: 2016-11-10
I highly recommend this Airfryer! I does what it says and more. I use it almost everyday and everyday I am impressed! Absolutely love it!
Name: Theresa Margetta
Date: 2016-11-09
I love this air fryer!! It took a little getting used to opening and closing the drawer because it would jam but now it's really easy. I was baking my French fries and now I can have crispy fries! I've made the Stromboli and steak with pesto and loved how they turned out too! Very happy with my purchase.
Name: Adrian
Date: 2016-11-09
We love the air fryer. I am on a diet avoiding fried foods and this makes it alot easier.
Name: Lori Meyer
Date: 2016-11-08
Thank you for this wonderful product. This is a life saver for me I got 3 of it different sizes. Strongly recommended a busy women like me. My kids enjoy it, my airfryer on the go all the time. I also play with it to try my own creation and never went wrong. I love it!
Name: Iren
Date: 2016-11-08
I absolutely love my AirFryer, it doesn't take long to cook food and it comes out good and tasty.
Name: Janice Lienhart
Date: 2016-11-08
I am enjoying it very much.The fried chicken was delicious.I just wish it came with more recipes.
Name: Cynthia rodriguez
Date: 2016-11-08
It appears it will take time to adjust to this new way of cooking but I really like the results so far. Glad I bought it.
Name: Charlie
Date: 2016-11-08
I cooked sausage and hashbrowns on the airfryer. They turned out really good!
Name: Becky McCullough
Date: 2016-11-08
We absolutely love our Power AirFryer! It is exactly what we needed & exactly what we expected. We had an air oven years ago that cooked great, but was horrible to clean. This fryer is easy to clean, easy to operate & makes everything taste great & cooks in 1/2 the time. The fact that it cooks french fries & tator tots like they were deep fried with out the grease is awesome! We love this product very much! Thank you for inventing such a great AirFryer. I plan on purchasing 1 for each of my children for Christmas.
Name: Traci Gagner
Date: 2016-11-06
similar to but a vast improvement on the convection oven- Love the air-fryer for as close as you can get to fried taste and texture!! Happy I bought it. BTW- makes great pies!
Name: Jeff Kasper
Date: 2016-11-05
I really enjoy cooking with the AirFryer XL. In fact I ordered 2 AirFryers so I could cook for a larger group. Have been trying other recipes to perfect my cooking.
Name: Richard Takatani
Date: 2016-11-04
I love my power air fryer Fast and food taste very good
Name: Olga Morales
Date: 2016-11-02
I love my air fryer. I cook dishes my family loves, foods are more healthy without all the oil, and the taste is great.
Name: Zella Williams
Date: 2016-11-02
I never order from an infomercial. My husband watched the infomercial and insisted I order the XL Airfryer. I watched and checked reviews on this product and ordered it. I love my XL Airfryer. We have fried chicken wings, blooming onions, pork chops which all came out fully cooked, crispy. You will love this product so give it a try. The 5.3 quart is what I ordered. The only compensation I have received from this company is great tasting food cooked by their product.
Name: Katherine Richards
Date: 2016-11-02
Got my fryer 2 weeks ago and what a machine. I am a bodybuilder for more than 15 years and I had pretty much sworn off fried foods for life. I saw the infomercial one day and thought I would give it a try and fried foods are back in my life and I am not sacrificing my health or my competitive bodybuilding career. I will have my publicist contact these people so that I can promote this healthy appliance. This has got to become a billion dollar market. Great machine.
Name: Carlen Charleston
Date: 2016-10-22
We received our Power AirFryer a few weeks ago, this was the best investment...I use it all the time, ive cooked steak, roast, chicken, the bacon wrapped tater tots, french fries, fish, and onion rings in it ..I love the no grease and easy clean up. Ive told several of my friends bout the Power AirFryer and they are amazed...I would recommend this to anyone who likes to cook without all the calories. Meat is tender and moist.
Name: Susan Delgado
Date: 2016-10-21
I love my air fryer xl, my family loves it to, fallow what it says and the food comes out perfect
Name: Kathy Burgan
Date: 2016-10-12
I received our power air fryer about a week and a half ago... We LOVE it... We are real people and not actors getting paid for this... We have cooked several meals (sausages, chicken fingers the beef roll up and more... The results have delicious and easy... I believe this purchase has been one of our favorites... It is everything it claims and more... Thanks
Name: Mike Ventura
Date: 2016-10-12
I bought the air fryer and I love it and it does exactly what is advertised.
Name: Rosa Jordan
Date: 2016-10-09
I enjoy using my power airfryer. It has done everything itsaid it could and it's portability is great. I use it both in my home and also in my fifth wheel camper. The fact it is practically fat free is great for my husbands digestive issues with fried foods too. Works great.
Name: cathy
Date: 2016-10-08
I can honestly say i was hesitant to order the AirFryer . But everything i cooked in it was great and the clean up is nothing. Best wings EVER. I tried a roast but since i like beef well done i will have to experiment, Even still it was good. Definitely worth the money. My teenage son now wants wings and fries every day. Great product. THANK YOU.
Name: kim bakaj
Date: 2016-10-06
Fantastic!! my mother-law gave it to me as a gift for my birthday and I use it everyday. We are a family of 4 and fryer makes everything come out moist and delicious. I highly recommend the air fryer.
Name: Michael Gordon
Date: 2016-10-06
Love it.
Name: Oneida
Date: 2016-10-03
I've had this air fryer for 4 days and have made chicken breast with broccoli, roasted potatoes, baby back ribs, zucchini peach apple crisp, french fries and just took out a banana bread! All came out excellent! I have not used my stove or oven in all that time and am quite impressed with this little machine. You have to make sure when making something like the dry crumb topping for crisp that you stir fruit in otherwise it will blow all over After all it is an air fryer! We bought the large unit and are going to purchase the smaller one for our RV. Going to try and make jerky next! Love it!
Name: Irma McCabe
Date: 2016-09-28
I bought the large one and oh man am I happy with it!! Tried fried chicken the very first night. Read the directions and then using seasoned corn starch as the breading I used the chicken setting for 8 minutes times 3 (flipping the pieces over) and it was crispy, juicy and oh so tender!! Generally I stay away from homemade frozen french fries but this machine makes them taste so awesome. We have had it about a week and fried chicken 3 times already!! I have been printing and passing out purchase details to everyone including our neighborhood store. They have already ordered a couple to use in their deli!!!! My only tip would be to exchange cornstarch for any flour coating. A culinary tip I learned and it works better than flour! Just dump a box in a gallon size zipper bag and add seasoning to the bag! No mess and ensures even coating. Best Fryer Ever!!
Name: Best Fryer Ever!!!
Date: 2016-09-27
This is my second week of using the Air fryer almost every night. I have made everything from meat loaf to BlackBerry crisp. I am in love. Very little mess to clean up, faster cooking times and delicious food. I have read all the naysayers say it is a scam. Not true. I am 68 years old and have bought every "as seen on TV" product and this almost the only one that is worth the price. Thanks to Tova and I am so happy I have it.
Name: Lois
Date: 2016-09-26
it is fantastic
Name: tamara sierra
Date: 2016-09-19
I bought the large air fryer and love it! My first attempt at fried chicken was not satisfactory to an experienced cook. I read more and tried again with great success! The chicken is tender and crispy. Extend the time and/or increase to 400 for beautiful brown, crispy chicken. It looked as if I had deep fried it in peanut oil and tasted as good too. I am thrilled with my purchase!
Name: Gail Ott
Date: 2016-09-17
we should have purchased this product a long time ago. its great.
Date: 2016-09-13
We totally love our airfryer, it has replaced our toaster, and our toaster oven. It is the best purchase in years for an appliance. It works just like the commercial. I'm going to buy one for my kids too.
Name: Patti
Date: 2016-09-13
I got my Air Fryer couple weeks ago and I can tell you that I absolutely love my air fryer. What they tell you on TV is 100% accurate. So far, I have cooked chicken wings-the bomb. Only way to fix wings. I also cooked thighs, steak, zucchini, potatoes, french fries, peach cobbler, hamburgers, the beef roll up as in the cookbook that came with the fryer. I know I am forgetting some things but everything I cooked has turned out wonderful. I have told my family and friends and now they all want one. Thank you so much. Now I am eating healthier grease free. I strongly recommend this air fryer. Foods taste so much better.
Name: Nancy
Date: 2016-09-10
I just received my Power Air Fryer XL and my family and I REALLY LOVE IT!!! I cooked wings for my daughter and husband and they tasted soooo great...I highly recommend this product to those who are in search of a healthier way of cooking their foods!!!!! This is by far the best kitchen appliance that I have purchased!!!!!
Name: Porter
Date: 2016-09-09
OMG I was scepticle but I just cooked frozen fries no I mean no oil !! They were spectacular !! I will be trying things to update you I am astonished so far !!
Name: Maria Nall
Date: 2016-09-08
Best kitchen appliance EVER! My 10 and 13 year old's use it to make dinner on nights in not home. I don't have to worry about an oven being left on and my house burning down, it shuts off automatically. I've been telling everyone about this, you'd think I got a commission! :)
Name: Victoria
Date: 2016-09-01
I just did my first batch of wings. I have a commercial deep fryer in my kitchen. I will only use the Power AirFryer to do wings from now on.
Name: Ed Simnick
Date: 2016-08-28
I made fish sticks and it came out great. I wish there was a rack accessory to make chicken wings without having to flip the wings.
Name: Bruce Nguyen
Date: 2016-08-28
Thanks for your product. I love it. Used it to make gourmet burgers and they came out better than on the grill. So happy I invested.
Name: Edith Giordano
Date: 2016-08-26
I think this is the best fryer. i try my own recipes. i fried sliced potatoes, onions and yellow squash it was so good. with out any fat or oil of any kind, salt and pepper. spray I can't belive its not butter on it after it comes out of the fryer. My husband really likes it.
Name: Virginia Smith
Date: 2016-08-24
All I have to say is OMG! I love the power airfryer xl. I've been using it for about a week and it has been great. I'm vegan and most vegan foods are gluten free. I am able to cook my vegan foods and it still holds its shape after being cooked in the airfryer and has so much flavor. I've used the other accessories to make regular fried chicken for my mother and step father. They both thought that the chicken came from KFC. I showed them the airfryer and they were highly impressed. It does everything as advertised on TV. Personally, after doing so many comparisons to other airfryers, this one beats the odds. I even stayed up watching the ads for it pass 1 in the morning just because I love to see how it works. Due to the results from my own recipes cooked in the airfryer, I now have a church getting ready to buy a few of the power airfryer's for their kitchen as well as relatives and friends getting ready to purchase one for themselves. Awesome!
Name: Ellz Ware
Date: 2016-08-19
Absolutly the best cooking product i e ver used !!.saves time and the taste it delivers is awesome !!buy one !!
Name: mary
Date: 2016-08-18
I love my air fryer xl. I have made, French fries, chicken drumsticks, tatoe tads, chicken cutlets, so far the experience with cooking with this machine is amaaaaazing!! im in love. I just got mine a week ago, so I am trying more of the cooking recopies on the webpage. I would recommend it to everyone. Just order the baking unit. can wait to get it, and do some baking also.
Name: daisy plasencia
Date: 2016-08-16
We just love the power air fryer xl I made the beef roll ups over the weekend and couldn't believe how great they were and easy and quick and clean up was a breeze. I would recommend it to everyone.
Name: Floyd Mcpherson
Date: 2016-08-12
Wow ! It's a wonderful , I'm really impressed , the machine work just like they advertise , I can get dinner done in 30m , I did fry chicken wings , friend fry with no oil , the food come out Krispy taste good , my family love it , bacon for breakfast so nice and easy now , no mess , the machine easy to use and to clean , over all I'm really love it . Height recommend this product . I can't wait to use all difference recipe .
Name: Tiffany
Date: 2016-08-12
FI rat thing we made was chicken wings and they were so good. We have made fries, onion rings, steak and salmon. They all taste so good and the fries are crisp. Love it and how easy clean up is.
Name: Patricia Nodurft
Date: 2016-08-08
Love it. Great cooking & clean up is so easy.
Name: Sally wright
Date: 2016-08-04
Just received the AirFryer today. Fixed "Fast Fries" and they came out the best I have ever had. They are normally made in the oven and they never came out crisp. Boy was I surprised that this really works! Can't wait to try other foods.
Name: Robert Wheeler
Date: 2016-08-04
Purchased my air fryer one week ago I use it for breakfast lunch and dinner it is amazing. I have only used my oven once and have not touched deep fryer since
Name: Marylin
Date: 2016-08-01
I love it. I haven't even tried French fries yet. I am trying to loose weight so I am cooking everything in it. Tonight I made a butternut squash soufflΓ© and it was perfect. The AirFryer, a crock pot and a pot is all I will ever need. Food taste great, and so easy to clean. I am telling everyone about it.
Name: Denise Bergeland
Date: 2016-07-31
Awesome!!! I cook naked wings with out turning them in 25 mins. Toss them in my home made wing sauce. Perfecto!!! Love It...
Name: Sanford
Date: 2016-07-31
this was a wonderful investment. haven't made a lot yet (looking for more recipies) but the things i have made are great. i would highly recommend it.
Name: christine a wagner
Date: 2016-07-29
LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Power AirFryer! Haven't even used my oven since I received the Fryer. I have tried everything from baked potatoes, to hamburgers, to roasts and corn on the cob! Everything turns out great. Today I made (NO SPLATTER!) bacon! Best invention ever! Just wished it held more food :)
Name: Marina Miller
Date: 2016-07-28
It is worth the money. We use it every day.
Date: 2016-07-26
I made lamb chops in it they were super
Name: Carole cook
Date: 2016-07-26
We're having fun using our Air Fryer! TaterTots and French Fries. Frozen to great in 10 minutes. Recipies are on Piterest and got small book for basics with Fryer-good start as wr make our changes and notes. Get the bigger Unit-gives you more room and has a divided basket to cook two things at the same time. ne: fish andd chips
Name: Bill and Susie
Date: 2016-07-26
So far everything we have cooked has been very good.
Name: john wood
Date: 2016-07-26
Have had my AirFryer for about a month, I've made chicken legs, chicken thighs, pork chops, hamburgers, hotdogs, potato skins, French fries, and warmed up leftover pizza........it's amazing.
Name: Sam Kerro
Date: 2016-07-26
I was shocked when I fried Chicken legs (First time Used) I even used a meat thermometer to see and By Gosh! It worked! I didn't get mine from an infomercial. I purchased mine from Kohls. I will never deep fry again. I want to buy all my children one for Christmas!!!!! I cannot wait to use it often!
Name: Billie
Date: 2016-07-26
I love it, everything I have tried so far has been great. I have done French fries, a Pork Roast, Chicken not battered just air fried. All of it has been fun and it tasted good.
Name: Gloria VanDyke
Date: 2016-07-25
love it!!! gave my daughter one and she loves her's. great for people with diabetes
Name: joan ward
Date: 2016-07-25
My family loves it, I am recommending this to my other sons and some relatives. I need to review and try the record though. πŸ‘
Name: Lou
Date: 2016-07-23
My first time use was with onion rings easy and quick. Love it. Joan
Name: J.Bilinski
Date: 2016-07-23
Great what more can I say
Name: Andy walker
Date: 2016-07-22
After receiving the power airfryer about 4 weeks ago I have used it every single night and have not used my stove since getting the power airfryer. Cooking has been much easier and enjoyable and have no regrets a purchasing this product
Name: Daniel Vail
Date: 2016-07-21
Love it! It’s amazing! The food has a nice color to it and it tastes great! I would higly recommend this product to my friends!
Name: Dorothea Taylor
Date: 2016-07-21
Thank you for the air fryer, my family and i are injoyin it.
Name: Victor Moore
Date: 2016-07-21
I love it! I've done chicken a couple different ways, my husband loves the crispy outside, but moist inside. Messed up stuffed peppers had temp too high, but they were still good and didn't heat up the house. I'll be using this a lot! Trying a turkey breast next!
Name: Carol E Benoit
Date: 2016-07-21
I just love the product I bought. I really think more people should at least try it for the free offer of sixty days, I guarantee that people will end up keeping it!
Name: Robert Limcaco
Date: 2016-07-21
I really love my air fryer!!! It is so easy to use and clean!!
Name: Mary Martin
Date: 2016-07-20
No more oily greasy fried food. As a busy person, I can air fry anything from chicken to chicken fried steak whether is fresh or frozen. I always love my airfryer more than a hot oven because it's crispy and delicious.
Name: Nicole Harmon
Date: 2016-07-20
great product my wife and I should have bought this a long time ago.
Date: 2016-07-20
I love it so so much! I have been telling to my friends how Great this is!
Name: Jae phyo
Date: 2016-07-19
OMG we LOVE our Air fryer XL!!!! We have had Pork Chops to French Fries to Motzi sticks in it so far and they were all amazing! Crispy just like a deep fryer. I totally recommend purchasing!
Name: Suzy Hammer
Date: 2016-07-19
Love it.
Name: edward
Date: 2016-07-19
I love this appliance. .it actually does what the infomercial says..it cuts my cooking time drastically. .and the food comes out juicy..and tastes fantastic..I don't miss having to beat the oven..wait.. and in the meantime. .the oven heats up my whole house which isnt a good thing in the summer months!..i love how easy it is to use..i even let my older son use it..whach means alot if you knew my son!..thank you!
Name: Barbara
Date: 2016-07-19
We absolutely love our Power AirFryer XL! Easy cleanup! Fast, quiet cooking. Delicious, browned food. I'm telling everyone around me they need one! The books included aren't as helpful as I thought they were going to be though. Need more info on cooking frozen foods.
Name: S. Bray
Date: 2016-07-19
I was a little skeptical, and didn't think I would get much use out of it, and even anticipated returning it. But I found it cooks boneless, skinless chicken breast perfectly and effortlessly, and that's what makes it a keeper! Crisp onion rings and chicken fingers, and all the other guilty pleasures are a bonus.
Name: Tom D
Date: 2016-07-19
Thank You Thank You Thank You. 😘 Little to NO OIL. And Thanks for making the 5 quart size. 😊
Name: Mrs Adrienne Wasley
Date: 2016-07-18
OMG!!!! Best cooking appliance I have ever owned!! Easy cleanup! Great!
Name: Shirley Asbury
Date: 2016-07-17
Love my AirFryer XL, I especially like the french fries! This product does everything you said it would do, and more. Thanks!
Name: Vic Hanson
Date: 2016-07-16
I love my air fryer. We use it all the time. Best appliance ever.
Name: Colleen
Date: 2016-07-16
Love it, Love it, Love it. I am so glad i ordered this little jewel. My grown son uses it quiet a bit. If you come up with any recipes for giant cinnamon rolls let me know! Great product!!!
Name: Ginger Fife
Date: 2016-07-15
Love it as demonstrated would buy it again
Name: John Novak
Date: 2016-07-14
I bought the Power Air Fryer XL 5.3 quart for my husband for Father's Day. He absolutely loves it. It really does do what it shows on TV! What a great way to do some quick and easy low fat cooking.
Name: Jodi
Date: 2016-07-14
I love my Power AirFryer XL, I have an extra that has been reserved for a Christmas gift. Thank you so much for a great product. Thank You, Thank You
Name: Brona N. Cheek-Tyson
Date: 2016-07-14
I love the power air fryer xl I use it everyday both lunch and supper.
Name: Stacy Kennedy
Date: 2016-07-14
I'm semi vegan, so I make all vegetables, I adjust the timings, perfect veggies every time. Absolutely love it.
Name: Jeanette Malhotra
Date: 2016-07-14
I LOVE my Air Fryer XL!! I purchased this about 5 weeks ago and have lost 16 lbs - thank YOU! No grease, no oils just air fry. The only thing I would like is time and temps for more frozen foods since many people including myself buy so many because of the ease of cooking. Please list more frozen foods, times and temps online. Thank you for the best product I own, I use it once or twice every day!
Name: Mary
Date: 2016-07-14
I love my air fryer. My husband loves wings I never liked to cook them because of the oil. He would always buy wings already cooked. Since I my air fryer I have made him wings 7 times... French fries....breaded ravioli....cheese sticks..... chicken tenders for me....onion rings..... sausage...burgers and ....lol....more wings. Believe me what you see in the infomercial is exactly what you get...we love it and you will too.
Name: Carol Russ
Date: 2016-07-13
I've use 3x it works very well, I like the size of the basket and the fact that it browns nicely.
Name: nancy ortiz-seda
Date: 2016-07-13
So far it has done a great job but we are planning on using it more for meals n such. I guess it's a learning process to get the proper time n temp so food is perfect.
Name: David Van Horn
Date: 2016-07-13
I love the air fryer XL, I bought it for my 12 yr. old son, he learned to operate the fryer to fry his chicken strips, pizza and garlic bread, it's an awesome fryer, we are loving it!!
Name: Elsa Mediano
Date: 2016-07-13
So far I made the chicken legs and they came out great. My daughter & grandson loved it as well as myself. I loved the fact that '"I didn't have to use a lot of grease.
Name: Ann Gallinaro
Date: 2016-07-13
So far i have enjoyed the AirFryer i have only fixed chicken wings in it still trying to learn to use it. Clean up is easy the wings where crispy.
Name: scott randall
Date: 2016-07-12
We absolutely love our airfryer xl !
Name: Sandy claycomb
Date: 2016-07-12
I purchased 2 of them. One for me and one for my sister for her birthday. We both love how it cooks. Super easy, super fast, super fun to use.
Name: Raquel Torres
Date: 2016-07-12
Absolutely love it. Here is AZ. it is 110 degrees, using anything else to cook with is unnecessary. You will be shocked at how good everything turns out. I now look for things to make using my fryer very frequently. So glad my husband talked me into buying it.
Name: Pam
Date: 2016-07-12
I am amazed how crispy and moist my chicken came out!! The clean up was simple and I love my Power AirFryer!!! Plan on taking it with us when we take our travel trailer camping at Disney, Orlando , Fl next week. My meals will be quick and delicious!!
Name: Kathy Everd
Date: 2016-07-11
I love the power x l .I got the larger size and it is perfect for my family.
Name: Mary Ann loreman
Date: 2016-07-10
My family loves it. It's easy to use that even my daughters can use it.
Name: Misty Le
Date: 2016-07-09
We love our air fryet and keep telling everybody how great it is. So glad i bought it.
Name: Jan Detore
Date: 2016-07-08
I've used the Fryer several times and am quite pleased with it. Looking forward to more recipes to make.
Name: Shirley Smith
Date: 2016-07-08
Love it!!
Name: Cynthia Petz
Date: 2016-07-08
So far I love the way it works. The French fries are better than if fried. Now I can enjoy a good grilled cheese sandwiches.
Name: Beverly Hillis
Date: 2016-07-08
I have been cooking with the AirFryer and I have nothing but good things to say about the Power AirFryer.
Name: James Wheeler
Date: 2016-07-07
It's easy to use and less mess and fun for the kids to use also where they didn't have to use the stove or hot grease to make french fries and chicken patties
Name: Clayton
Date: 2016-07-07
So far we have been really satisfied with the way it cooks chicken and fries and empenadas. Everything came out juicy and crispy. Looking forward to trying other recipes.
Name: Robert
Date: 2016-07-06
Fantastic machine. No oily mess and literally nothing to clean up.
Name: Jim
Date: 2016-07-06
Fantastic - Fries taste as good as Oil fries but NO OIL
Name: Harry Maskell
Date: 2016-07-06
I have used the Air Fryer on several different foods. I made the bacon wrapped tater tots-they were great, the fried chicken-juicy and yummy, and did frozen french fries and chicken nuggets for our granddaughter. So far we love it,
Name: Norma Holloway
Date: 2016-07-06
very happy with air fryer helps to limit fat intake and make quick meals
Name: sam friedman
Date: 2016-07-06
Got my Airfryer XL this weekend and tried it for the first time. Loved the fried chicken, it came out crispy and juicy with no greasy residue. Was absolutely delicious. Can't wait to try other recipes in it!!!!
Name: Tara Jones
Date: 2016-07-06
We've had French fries shrimp and home fries. Next is fried chicken. Great taste easy cleanup
Name: Ron Keigley
Date: 2016-07-06
Quick, simple, no mess, produces quality healthy foods and no mess with easy cleanup. Very satisfied
Name:  dennis rud
Date: 2016-07-05
We love ours crispy food no oil quick cook time 😍
Name: G Bednarick
Date: 2016-07-05
Like it. Used it a couple of times so far and food came out good.
Name: Anna
Date: 2016-07-05
Great cooker. Terrific for testing my recipes. Easy to use. Really like this cooker. It does a great job, small space needed to have it ready to go when inspiration hits me to cook and it doesn't heat up the house. Very happy with it.
Name: Fred Dowe
Date: 2016-07-05
Name: Jackie Mabe
Date: 2016-07-05
We really like the cooker, does a lot better job cooking than I thought before buying.
Name: Darin Herald
Date: 2016-07-03
I love this product , its the best
Name: natalee edwards
Date: 2016-07-02
I love it cook some french fries in it they were crisp and delish.
Name: Minnie Jordan
Date: 2016-07-02
Great to cook without oil and food tastes delicious!
Name: cheryl
Date: 2016-07-01
the power airfryer is great
Name: thomas morris
Date: 2016-07-01
Love it.
Name: Steve yontz
Date: 2016-07-01
I used the fryer to cook some chicken and it turned out great.
Name: Tim Barth
Date: 2016-07-01
Date: 2016-07-01
The Power Air Fryer is great. We have used it several times and everything was good.
Name: Carolyn Wilske
Date: 2016-06-30
I just love it. The meats are juicy. The food cooks get.I just love it
Name: emerita freebern
Date: 2016-06-29
I bought the Power AirFryer for my son for Fathers Day, he just used it last night to make chicken wings, he said they came out great! He loves the machine!
Name: Joan Connors
Date: 2016-06-29
We are amazed at the many uses and great taste. Our family members have also purchased Air Fryers and enjoying.
Name: Ron Peck
Date: 2016-06-29
I'm still learning,but am very happy with the convenience of use and the end result of everything I've cooked so far.
Name: Barb anderson
Date: 2016-06-29
We just got it πŸ˜‰ it looks perfect thanks.
Name: merih measho
Date: 2016-06-28
LOVE it!!!
Name: Felicitas Gutierrez
Date: 2016-06-28
Tonight I made stuffed squash blossoms, and they were delicious. Normally deep fried, these were tender inside, crisp outside. Yum!!
Name: Kristine Chalke
Date: 2016-06-28
My daughter loves the one I got her. I hopeci can get one for my birthday. Super happy.
Name: betty
Date: 2016-06-28
I love it !! Totally love it
Name: Tram nguyen
Date: 2016-06-28
I love it.
Name: Casandra Rogers
Date: 2016-06-27
love it.i use it constantly and enjoy the cooking without oil..i'm learning some of the cooking times are not what I think they should be but that's a learning process. I have lost weight by eliminating the cooking oils and enjoy my food much better. great machine.
Date: 2016-06-26
I absolutely love my air fryer. We use it at least 4 times a week. We fry everything in it fish, pork, chicken even beef. We love the recipes that was sent with it. The flavor seeps into the meats everything taste fantastic. Thank you so much for the air fryer.
Name: Lakeram S Lokhnath
Date: 2016-06-25
My daughter loves the airfryer. She cooks so many items in it instead of the stove. French fries are delicious
Name: Michael Frenyea
Date: 2016-06-23
Great product. I love to eat almost fat free. My venison steak turned out great.
Name: skip taliaferro
Date: 2016-06-23
I think this unit will save me a lot of time and energy. I love it
Name: carl knighten
Date: 2016-06-22
Love it I have used it nearly everyday since I got it, I threw out the deep fat fryer, everything cooks perfectly, breaded chicken, fries, Irish breakfast, sausages, bacon, pudding - Delish!!! And so easy to wipe clean!!Very happy with this product
Name: Tricia
Date: 2016-06-22
I started with fried chicken. Amazing!!! And clean-up was a breeze! Best gift ever!
Name: Angela
Date: 2016-06-22
Love it - food tastes totally like it was fried w/oil, easy clean up & no waste large amounts of oil
Name: Jean Voska
Date: 2016-06-22
Love it. Use it at least 3 x's a week works great with Pam Spray Olive Oil. Clean up is easy
Name: Eric Stewart
Date: 2016-06-21
Great Air Fryer
Name: Cloyde Jordan
Date: 2016-06-21
It's amazing. I use it for everything from fries to steaks. Best purchase in a while!!
Name: Jeff collett
Date: 2016-06-21
I am very pleased with it and know that I will be enjoying for a long time.
Name: R. Schjolden
Date: 2016-06-21
Love it
Name: David Osburn
Date: 2016-06-21
i love my new cooker' it cooks wonderful food;..i am so glad i purchased it....,,,,
Name: brenda blackmon
Date: 2016-06-18
Love it!!!! My wife can't stop cooking on it so much easier and healthy than deep frying in oils can't tell the difference
Name: Eduardo
Date: 2016-06-18
Tried power air same day I got it. Cooked chicken wings and frozen tater torts and they came out great without the greasy taste
Name: Royce Howard
Date: 2016-06-15
Love it! I've already tried chicken and sauage..... they both turned out perfect.
Name: Kitty Reed
Date: 2016-06-14
My husband and I LOVE it! It is an amazing machine. It's not only good for cooking, but great for reheating leftovers. The capacity is more than adequate and clean up is a breeze! We would recommend it to anyone.
Name: Carolyn Phillips
Date: 2016-06-14