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Mac'N Cheese Balls

Mac'N Cheese Balls 

Recipe Type:  Pasta
Servings  2
2  cup  Leftover macaroni and cheese  
0.333333  cup  cheddar cheese, shredded  
3    Eggs  
2  cup  milk  
0.75  cup  White flour  
1  cup  bread crumbs, plain  

  1. Mix the shredded cheese with the leftover mac and cheese. Set aside.

  2. Place the bread crumbs in a bowl. Place the our in a bowl. Mix the egg and milk together and put in a bowl.

  3. With a small ice cream scoop, make ping pong size balls from the mac and cheese mixture.

  4. Roll the mac and cheese balls in the our, then the egg mixture. Finally, roll in the bread crumbs.

  5. Place the mac and cheese balls in the Fry Basket.

  6. Place the Fry Basket in the Power Air Fryer XL.

  7. Press the M Button. Scroll to the Chicken Icon.

  8. Press the Power Button & adjust the time to 10 minutes at 360 degrees.

  9. Rotate half way through.