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Recipe Type:  Dessert
Servings  4
0.5  ounce  yeast  
0.5  cup  milk,nonfat  
1    large egg  
0.5  teaspoon  cinnamon  
2  tablespoon  butter, unsalted  
2.5  cup  Flour, white  
0.5  teaspoon  Nutmeg  
0.333333  cup  sugar  
0.5  teaspoon  Sea Salt   
1  cup  sugar  
1  tablespoon  cinnamon  
2  tablespoon  milk  
1    egg yolk  


1. In a mixer add the yeast, 1/3 cup sugar and 1/2 cup milk. Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl except for the last two ingredients.

2. Add one egg to the mixer with all the dry ingredients and mix until it forms a ball.

3. Set aside and let double in size. When the dough is ready, place on the counter and roll out to 1 inch thickness.

4. With round cutters make doughnuts. Place in the Fry Basket.

5. Mix egg yolk and 2 Tbsp. milk to make egg wash.

6. Brush the doughnuts with egg wash. Place the Fry Basket into the Power Air Fryer XL.

7. Press the M Button. Scroll to the Bake Icon & adjust cooking time to 16 minutes at 310 degrees.

8. Turn the doughnuts over half way into cooking.

9. Mix 1/2 cup of sugar and 1 Tbsp. cinnamon. While doughnuts are still warm, dip into mixture.