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Top Reasons to Air Fry

01 Health
When you air fry, the fried foods you love have less fat.
02 It’s Goof-Proof!
7 one-touch pre-set programs & digital touchscreen are super easy & great for beginners.
03 Easy Clean-Up
No oily mess to soak & scrub. Fry Basket is dishwasher safe.
04 Versatility
If you can bake it, you can air fry it!
05 No Overheated Kitchens
Closed cooking system gives off very little heat.
06 Save Money
The average cost of deep-fryer oil is $10 / gallon & must be changed regularly.
07 Watch Your Waist
Your meals have fewer fat calories because you use less cooking oil.
08 Built-in Safety Features
Flameless, closed system cooking helps prevent accidents. Digital Thermal Control helps prevent overheating.
09 Convenience
Air fry most meals in minutes, right on your countertop. All without greasy, splattering oil!